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Certified Juice Therapist

Learn how to take your health

to the next level!

Fatima Manson, CMA, AADP

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All About

Healing Vibes

Using the magical powers of Mother Nature, Healing Vibes aims to support the health and wellness of our customers by teaching them about the benefits of juicing to help nourish the mind, body, and soul!

Routine Eye Exam

Eight years ago, my ex-husband was diagnosed with a severe eye condition during a routine eye exam. The condition was causing him to go blind, and ultimately, we found ourselves in a revolving door of constant doctor visits and prescription refills, but no cure.

Not knowing much about naturopathic medicine at the time, I stumbled across research on the benefits of juicing and we decided to embark on a 21-day juice cleanse, hoping for a miracle.

In the end, the juice cleanse reversed his condition and restored his vision. Because of the holistic healing witnessed through that personal experience, I have made it my mission to teach others about the medicinal benefits of juicing.

Over the years, I have helped many people treat conditions like chronic pain, eczema, allergies, high blood pressure, and digestive issues. I am a firm believer that using the magical powers of Mother Nature, combined with positive intention setting, the healer can be ignited within us all.

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Here are our most

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Book A Corporate Workshop

Includes live demonstrations , juice samples and recipes.

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Do you have an employee health and wellness program?

Our mission is to encourage and promote health and wellness within the workplace by hosting workshops that educate participants on the benefits of juicing.

Topics range from weight loss, mental clarity and treating chronic health conditions to simply learning how to prioritize your own health care, especially while at work!

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Group Workshops

Includes hands-on learning, juice samples and recipes.

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In our interactive small or large group workshops participants learn how to incorporate a lifestyle of juicing to help support and nourish the body.

Topics range from weight loss, mental clarity and treating chronic health conditions to simply learning how to prioritize your own health care!

Juice Cleanse Packages

What are the benefits?

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Do you suffer from chronic pain, skin conditions, low energy levels, or poor gut health?

Try our 1-7 day individual and guided juice cleanse packages!!!

Not only does juicing help treat many different chronic health conditions, but embarking on a juice cleanse is sure to promote weight loss, remove toxins, and flood your body with high levels of nutrients.

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What Our Clients Say

five star rating

~Mercedes White~

"No sciatica pain

at all!"

No sciatica pain at all today. I've been

moving and grooving and even ran a bit.

Started on Sunday and took 3 shots of

the lemon, ginger, and turmeric juice

each day. No pain at all as of Tuesday!

five star rating

~Chris Sidhilall~

"First night with no heartburn!"

First night with no heartburn or no acid

reflux or no medicine or tums. CABBAGE


five star rating

~Brandie Wilks~

"The brain fog is gone!"

Thursday was the end of day 2 of my 7-day customized juice cleanse. I feel so much better already! The brain fog is gone. I can feel the bloating diminishing. And my bowels are flowing regularly. If I feel like this and it's only the beginning of day 3, I can't wait until day 7.

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